Company Consult-Investments LLC is a reseller of mining equipment. The company has its headquarters in the USA, Europe, China, which ensures the fastest delivery to these regions. Company offers to buy ready-made equipment for turnkey mining. It is a convenient and reliable solution for busy or inexperienced miners. In addition, on the site you can choose various mining components and other equipment for the mining farm, which will allow you to assemble and configure your own mining farm.

If necessary, our experienced specialists will help to set up the equipment, teach the basics of mining and support all those who are just starting their way in this field.

Server equipment for mining is a metal fairly compact installation designed for round-the-clock mining. All that is required from a person is to buy such equipment for mining and configure the program.

There is a wide range of models, each of which is focused on performing certain tasks. So, there are capacities, sharpened for the production of a certain algorithm, and you can choose more universal options. Each solution has its own advantages.

Sale of mining equipment is a key direction in Consult-Investments LLC. We were one of the first to declare ourselves as a mining partner with whom you can build a reliable cooperation. And hundreds of satisfied customers confirm that we are developing this vector of direction for good reason.

Here, in the Consult-Investments LLC we provide powerful bitcoin mining equipment. It is considered one of the most popular, because bitcoin is glad to see in every wallet. What is the best way to buy bitcoin mining equipment? Just say, in addition to Bitcoins, often bought power for the extraction of ether or, for example Litecoin. The choice of an algorithm is determined by the current rate.

The site of the online store Consult-Investments LLC. will help you to choose new mining equipment. Here are the latest current developments for 2020, and for the convenience of the user the entire range is divided into several categories

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